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The mission of Xaxeres is to promote pleasure, victory, health, wealth, power, skill, and wisdom. In this pursuit, we are empowered by Non-Euclidean Marketing™, developed by Craig F. Dixon at Xaxeres.

The web site for that is under construction, so the URLs:

http://www.noneuclideanmarketing.com and http://www.n-em.com

direct back here until that is released. This marketing system ensures excellent monetary and energy exchange flows in our rather chaotic international business environments.

Non-Euclidean Marketing

Our current efforts are focused on the Savage Arduin project, a consortium of small Role-Playing Game Publishers seeking to bring Dave Hargrave's Arduin Multiverse to the best active RPG systems. Licensing for Dave Hargrave's Aduin is under the control of Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures.

Our other efforts include the Xaxerean Pattern, a system of thought that permits a superior life without being enslaved to others. The only cost associated with mastering this system is personal effort. It costs nothing but effort, but we'll have some support products coming out for it eventually.

In honor of the Dark Side of Humanity, and in the face of recent unpleasant failures in State-Sponsored Executions, we are developing an absolutely reliable device, designated CIPED01, currently in the design phase. Engineering and prototype production will begin when the design optimization is complete. The intent of the device is to conform to the laws of any land in which it is used, and to dispense exactly the sort of justice required under that political system. It is also designed to provide psychological catharsis and emotional closure for the victims, and all who sit in the Witness Box. The Dark Side link above will take you to the origin of this unusual law enforcement technology. This is not slated for release in the United States of America, at least not initially, because the opportunity for political abuse is too likely in the prevailing climate.

More will be forthcoming soon.

Have an excellent existence! Feel free to make contact and transmit your thoughts.

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